Having been influenced by divine grace to love God and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and feeling that we are under a loving obligation to obey all His commandments, we do now, in the presence of the all-seeing God, solemnly covenant with Him and each other:

  • To take the Bible, God’s Word, as our final authority in all areas of belief and daily living; (Discipleship)
  • To live a holy, separated lifestyle according to the teaching of Holy Scripture and as empowered and strengthened by the Holy Spirit; (Evangelism)
  • To joyfully observe God’s Holy Sabbath out of our love for God, through our rest, renewal, worship and service; (Worship)
  • To love as Christ loved, committing ourselves to the support of one another through prayer, encouragement, correction and caring involvement in each other’s lives; (Fellowship)
  • To faithfully support the work of the church by our active participation, and by bearing a proportionate share of all the necessary expenses of the Church, according as God has blessed us and guides us to give. (Stewardship)