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Luke 11:2: “Your Kingdom come” (NIV)

As we come to the conclusion of the Week of Prayer, let us review before we close with the Sabbath topic.

1). “Praise God.” We give thanks and rejoice with the angels in heaven, all creatures great and small.
2). “Come now let us reason together.” There is no one but God to put our trust and faith in as we propose our needs for the coming year.
3). “Be ye therefore perfect.” First things come first as we are reasoning with God. Be perfect, walk and talk with respect and love for others.
4). “You are my friend” if ye do whatever I command you. Jesus is the answer for our world today.
5). “Search the Scriptures.” Jesus emphasized that we are to study and search the Bible as we bear witness of Him.
6). “Pray without ceasing.” There is no other way to protect ourselves and request our needs. Our prayers should be a part of our lives.
7). “Your kingdom come.” God is of the past, today and the future.

     As we are created in the womb by God—and He knows our days and years of our life and gives us talents to serve him (Jeremiah 1:4-5)—the will of God has to be done in our lives. We surrender ourselves to God through Jesus Christ, who was crucified and brought with Him the Kingdom of heaven, the fulfillment of the end-time prophecy and the last hope of our generation.

Mark 13:33: “Take heed, watch and pray for you do not know when the time is near.” (NIV)

Our prayer TODAY is for our brethren in the Caribbean: Jamaica, Guyana and newer work in the region like Barbados and Suriname.

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